Monday, September 5, 2011

Felt Flowers

My sister, Lynn, taught me how to make these beautiful flowers.  My daughter loves wearing them and after multiple how to requests... here is the tutorial.

Start by cutting 1 1/2 large felt circle.  I used the large open end of a plastic fountain drink cup. 


Cut the circles into quarters.  You Should have six.

Do a running stitch on the curved edge of each quarter.  Connect last quarter to first quarter.  Pull.

once gathered, secure with a knot.

Add a small round felt circle as a backing.  Either by sewing or hot glue.

Like this.

I added a previously made smaller flower (pink) to the front. I used an the open end of a dixie paper drinking cup.

I secured the two flowers together by sewing a button (or two). Sometimes hot glue is needed here.

Adhere felt flower to hair items, clips, magnets, clothes, etc.

See how beautiful they are?  Once you start you can't stop.  The fabric flowers are made by cutting 6 circles and folding them into quarters, do a running stich on the curved raw edges and follow the same directions for making felt flowers.